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How to avoid running injuries. 10 Precautions You Should Take While Running

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How to avoid running injuries

This is a general query of people pertaining to How to avoid running injuries. Before they start running for any reasons, the following questions comes in mind, and it is a good thing because precautions will always protect you from unwanted injuries. In this blog, we are sharing precautions you should take while running and will also share a few benefits of running.

Running is one of the best exercises for the body. If you will start counting the benefits of running, then it is uncountable, from boosting metabolism, losing weight to enhancing facial beauty, keeping the body diseases free, there are end number of advantages. However, in order to utilize these benefits to the max, it is important that you run with the right posture and with all safety measure, otherwise, running could turn into a nightmare for you.

According to the health experts, “One out of three runners will have injury once in their lifetime. Common sites of injury are foot, skin, ankle, knee and shin. This can be avoided by taking required precautions.”

How to avoid running injuries follow the Precautions to avoid injuries.

Common Running Related Injuries

  • Blister – Caused because of the constant skin rubbing
  • Pain in shin – Cause because of inflammation in feet’s tendons and muscles
  •  Skin Inuries – Sunburn, falling during run cause cut and bruises
  • Injuries In Soft Tissues –  Muscle pull or sprain in ligaments.

10 Most Important Precautions For Recreational Runners

Either you have just started running, you are planning to try this workout or you have been running for a year or more. The precaution guidelines is for all of you. The recreational runners do not practice this workout under supervision and therefore, most of them remain unaware of the ill effects of running and various causes of injury during the workout. So, take this guideline seriously and enjoy running without any hitch.

1, Stretch Your Body Before Running – Stretching the body before any intense workout is very important. This helps in avoiding injuries. Although running engage every body part and therefore, it is considered as the best exercise for the body, however, stretching is crucial before you start this and do it every day.

2, Get A Good Pair Of Shoes – Injuries can be avoided by using right safety gear, shoe is also a safety gear for runners. Invest in a good shoe and do not run without it. Explores shoes made for running and get one that’s well-fit in your feet, it should neither be tight nor be loose. Good shoes will protect your feet and back.

3, Start Slowly And Increase Gradually – When you are starting this workout, don’t run too long in excitement. People often do this, which is wrong. Running is a hardcore exercise, thus, it is important that you understand your body’s call before accepting it completely. Starting it slowly and increasing its length and pace gradually will not only help your body coping up with this new exercise form you are trying but also it will avoid soft tissue injuries.

4, Take Adequate Water – You loose large amount of water in the form of sweat. To compensate this water loss, and to hydrated your body, take enough amount of liquid in any form, either water or juice.  Lack of water in the body is also a reason of muscle strain. You can take a few sips of water while running to keep yourself hydrated.

5, Run When Temperature Is Moderate – Chose a time to run when the temperature is moderate, avoid running when temperature high like the late morning or afternoon. This will cause injury. 

6, Run On a Flat Road – Chose the road wisely when you are running. Flat roads are appropriate for running, high inclination road might cause pain in the back in the beginning. Start running in flat and smooth surface, gradually change the surfaces to avoid injuries.

7. Avoid Running Roadside – Running roadside is harmful for two reasons, first, there are chances of an accident, second, inhaling smoke emitted from the vehicle might cause several breathing disorders.

8. Understand What Your Body Is Saying – Many people don’t take minor pains seriously and continue running as usual. This might cause severe muscle pull later. Therefore, you should listen to your body, what it is saying. If you are feeling pain in a certain part of your body, try to change your speed or distance, talk to the physiotherapist, the pain might because of adopting the wrong running style. Consultation and the timely check will avoid major injury.

9. Don’t Wear Earphones – When you are running, either you wear an earphone whose buds rest near the ear or you completely avoid it. This will make you aware of your surroundings. You will be able to hear sounds and protect yourself from injuries. Additionally, health expert recommends doing an outdoor workout without diverting your mind. While running, you should focus on your surroundings and run in a group to maximum utilize the benefits of running.

10. Make The Right Choice Of Food – When you choose a difficult workout like running, it is important that you take a diet that balance your workout. Your diet should be full of nutrition and calories to give you the needed energy for the workout. You can refer to our diet chart for runners post, for the same. We will share the same with you soon.

How to avoid running injuries

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If you are a woman, there are some additional precaution that you should take while running. Such as

1. Don’t Opt Isolated Path – Running on an isolated path could be risky for woman runners. If you have no other option, take someone with you. Go to such places in a group.

2. Change Your Route –  Don’t run on the same route every day, if possible change it twice or thrice in a week and be random in choosing the route, so that, even if someone is following, which often happen with woman runner, you never be in trouble.

3. Have Your Safety Kit With You – The woman safety kit for running could be a pepper spray, small knife, etc. Carry it with you, if you want to take the adventure trail alone.

As a woman, you should not be in fear, you have the freedom to opt any workout that you want to do. However, when you are trying new things, it is good to go smart and enjoy all the benefits of running. The smart is running with safety in mind.

Now that you have learned various precautions you should take while running, check here the benefits of running. You can check our other post 20 benefits of running to know more, however, for your ease, we are sharing key advantages in short.

  • The first and one of the most important benefits of running is that it helps in weight management
  • People who are suffering from social anxiety or any other type of anxiety get benefits from running
  • It strengthens the bone, boosts stamina and ensure the complete well-being of a person
  • Good for those people who are suffering from heart problems.
  • It is also helpful in treating stress. So, if you are under stress or taking anxiety meds, start running.
  • It improves mood, those who suffer from mood swing issue can also start running to get rid of the issue
  • It boosts the self-confidence, you enjoy everything around you
  • You come close to nature
  • It corrects digestion-related issues such as constipation

So, these are the key benefits of running, however, to reap the following advantages of running, you should take all the above-mentioned precautions while running. Also, you can start running under some supervision if your age is above 50 and you have never run before.

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