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Know All The Health Benefits Of Limestone

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Health Benefits Of Limestone

Limestone, chemically known as calcium carbonate is a rich source of calcium and it is effective in curing various types of Diseases. Limestone has many health benefits that we are discussing in this article.

First of all limestone is effective in treating 70 different types of Diseases from chronic to Intense. It is commonly known as chuna in india (hindi) or lime. Some of its health benefits are

Limestone Improves Memory

The limestone is effective in the treatment of memory related problems. When consumed with pomegranate juice, sugarcane juice, curd, water or lentil, it improves memory and sharpen problem solving skill. The renowned Ayurvedic doctor Rajeev Gupta said, limestone has a few ingredients that enhance memory.

Children aged 2 years or older can receive many health benefits by consuming limited amounts of limestone, including increased height, immunity, memory, and physical strength. This is due to the calcium and antioxidants present in the limestone.

Tooth is made up of calcium, and according to National Institute Of Health (NIH), 99 per cent of out body calcium is stored in the teeth. Limestone is nothing but calcium carbonate that body easily absorbs. Consuming limestone gives enough supply of calcium to the body that relieves all teeth related problem, such as toothache, sensitivity issue in teeth, mouth odor, etc.

Helpful In Pregnancy

Pregnant women need more calcium than normal women. They are recommended to take more calcium all through the pregnancy. Doctors prescribe then calcium and iron supplements to meet the body requirement. Because of high content of calcium, limestone is considered as the best alternative to fulfil the pregnant women body’s calcium requirement.

The calcium present in limestone increases the bone strength of fetus, promote their healthy growth. Ayurveda experts say that pregnant women when consume limestone  pomegranate juice, then they their body’s daily calcium and iron requirement get fulfilled, which also affect the baby’s growth positively. This also makes normal delivery less painful.

Limestone Helps In Digestion

Studies have suggested that calcium carbonate enhance the secretion of gastric juices and acids from the inner lining of the stomach that ease out digestion. People suffering stomach disorders like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc can relieve their symptoms by including limestone in their diet.

The limestone benefit is related to liver activity and metabolism as well. Therefore, it is good for treatment of liver related problems like jaundice, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, etc. However, more study needed to be done in this field to claim its effect.

Limestone Improves The Skin

The calcium present in limestone is oxidant in nature. Therefore, when limestone paste applied on the face, it treats acne, pimples. The antioxidants prevent tissue damage, and delays ageing effect.

Ayurveda experts say, applying honey and limestone mix on face relieves acne and pimple related problems. However, one should use it only after consulting skin experts as every individual has different skin type.

Additionally, it also relieved nail related issues. People having weak, dry nails could improve its condition by consuming limestone regularly.

Helps In Healing Wounds

The limestone contains antioxidants. The antioxidizing property of limestone helps in healing wounds. Apply limestone paste on the cut or wound and it will act as an antiseptic.

Additionally, it also reduced healing time and make wound dry quickly. Many of the ointments sold commercially contains limestone because of its antiseptic property.

Limestone Relieves Joints Inflammation

In diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, people suffer from painful joints. The main cause of these diseases is the deficiency of vitamin D and Calcium in the body.

Inclusion of calcium in the diet improves the calcium level in the body which increases the bone density. The antioxidising property reduces the inflammation and pain in joints.

Limestone Makes Bones Stronger

Calcium is an important mineral for the bone growth. Limestone as we know is nothing by calcium.  When taken regularly, it fulfills the calcium requirement of the body and helps in making bones stronger. If given to growing children, it gives them adequate height and weight.

What Quantity Of Limestone Is Healthy For The Body?

These are some of the health benefits of limestone. However, to attain its maximum benefit, one should consume it in recommended quantity. The famous Ayurveda doctor Dr. Vaidya Rajiv Gupta say, the portion size of limestone shouldn’t be more then a wheat grain size.

An individual should consume it for a specified length of time, e.g. pregnant women should consume it throughout the pregnancy but not after that. To treat memory related issues in children, it should be given for an year with water, dal, pomegranate juice, curd.

Who Shouldn’t Consume Limestone?

People suffering from stone shouldn’t consume it in any form. It might increase the risk of stone. One can consume it after the stone removed.

Hazardous Combination Of Limestone

To reap all benefits of limestone, it is best to consume it in the above mentioned combination. However, some combinations are hazardous and one should never take it.

  • Limestone with tobacco
  • Limestone with milk
  • Limestone with betel nut
  • Limestone with cutch (kattha)

Healthy Combination Of Limestone

  • Limestone with betel leaf (Paan)
  • Limestone with betel leaf and other ingredients like cardamom, clove, tutti fruity.
  • Limestone with sugarcane juice
  • Limestone with pomegranate juice
  • Limestone with curd
  • Limestone with lentil
  • Limestone with jagery

Include limestone in your diet and enjoy all its health benefits of limestone. Disclaimer – Consumption of limestone gives numerous health benefits, however, its inclusion in diet should be done only after health practitioner’s recommendation.

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