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20 Things About New Coronavirus COVID-19, Symptoms, Precautions and Treatment

by Fitness Mantras

The world has been hit by another catastrophe, this time, it is a coronavirus.  It has made huge damage to the world’s economy and has created havoc among people. But the role of social media in creating this mayhem into a disaster has just worsened the matter.

Coronavirus is not dangerous, you can easily fight back with it by applying some basic hygiene. But, some people have exaggerated it to create panic, and to some extent, they have become successful in doing it. Nevertheless, our intent for writing this blog is neither to criticize or justify anybody’s role nor to discuss what is coronavirus? Our aim to write this blog is informing people all over the world how to combat the coronavirus effect. So, let’s learn here.

How To Combat Coronavirus Attack?

First of all, the corona is a virus that comes from animals. This is not the first time this virus has attacked the human. Four strains of coronavirus family have infected human earlier but they were not as strong as COVID-19, the new strain, therefore, people didn’t come up with any symptom. COVID-19 is strong and its effect is life-threatening. Therefore, it requires attention, to know what a person should do to protect himself from coronavirus attack, you should first know its life cycle, how it spread, which is a crucial part. Coronavirus is an animal virus and gets into the human body through mouth, eyes and nose. The important facts of its lifecycle are

  1. It lives on the surface
  2. The diameter of coronavirus is 400-500 micro
  3. Its life on the metal surface is 12 hours, on clothes it remains for 9 hours, on hands its life is 10 minutes,
  4. It can’t survive on temperature above 26-27 degree
  5. It cannot be spread by air

So, now you know the life cycle of this virus, it is the time to act and follow some basic hygiene practice. Such as

  1. Avoid going outside for a few days
  2. Carry an alcohol-based sanitizer with you when outside and clean your hand with it after every 10-15 minutes
  3. Put off your clothes as soon as you get into your home and clean it. Sun-drying it for two hours will kill the virus from cloth.
  4. Sterilize your home, office and school using virus disinfectant spray.
  5. Cover nose and mouth, either through masks or a clean cloth
  6. Avoid outside food
  7. Keep a distance of 3 meters from people who are sneezing or coughing or if you are coughing or sneezing.
  8. Eat only homemade hot food
  9. Avoid cold food like ice-cream, cold drinks, juices as coronavirus flourishes in cold atmosphere.

These are some preventive measures you should take to protect yourself and your family. But, these are preventive measures, what if the virus made its way into your body?

So, first of all, a virus can enter into the body only by mouth, nose and eyes. After entering the body, it settles down in throat and then moves down to respiratory organs. The virus attacks the respiratory system of the body, and the main reason for death among people infected by coronavirus is lung failure.

The COVID-19 is not a dangerous virus itself, it can be killed inside or outside the body easily by just acting according to the life cycle of this virus. Now, we know there is no drug present to cure this virus as it has infected human for the first time. Therefore, you have to opt the alternative measures. Some of the measures are

15, Keep Your Body Temperature Up

The COVID-19 survive in temperature less than 25 Degrees. If you will keep your body temperature above 25 Degrees, the virus will not survive. One simple method to increase the body temperature is to eat food that is hot by nature like peppercorns, ginger, garlic, star anise. Drink luke or hot water. Avoid eating cold food or food taken out of the refrigerator. According to the health experts, if you will drink one or two sips of hot water every 15-20 minutes, the virus will go down in the stomach and the acid present there will kill it. So, it is also an alternative way to treat the infection once it is inside the body.

16, Boost Your Immunity

The COVID -19 virus, is a member of the coronavirus family. The coronavirus has attacked the human body before as well, but these viruses did not claim any life because the human body was capable of fighting against these viruses. The other coronaviruses that have infected the human body are

  • 229 E Alpha Coronavirus
  • NL 63 Alpha Coronavirus
  • OC 43 Beta Coronavirus
  • HKU 1 Beta Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a new strain, it is stronger than other viruses but it is not like the human body is not capable of fighting against it. People with low resistance power and week immunity has been suffering from its impact. Thus, if you have good immunity and you are taking above mentioned precautionary measures, there are high chances that you will not be infected or even if get infected, you will recover faster.

To boost your immunity, you can take food that enhances immunity, you can follow our other blog 50 food that enhances immunity to get knowledge about food.

If your body is not showing any symptom of infection still you get your samples checked as a precaution and the report show, you are coronavirus positive that doesn’t mean you are COVID-19 positive. So, don’t panic. Instead, consult the doctor.

17, Consult The Doctor

If you are living in COVID-19 infected area, and fear of being infected, consult the symptoms with your doctor. Or if you are facing problem in breathing and have a cold and cough along with that, see your doctors as early as possible.

These are the few measures you can take to cure yourself or people suffering from the infection.

Coronavirus Symptoms

18, What Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus, COVID-19 Infection?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the common signs of infection are respiratory disorder, cough, fever, shortness of breath and the person might face breathing difficulties. The advanced symptoms include pneumonia, respiratory syndrome, failure of the lungs and kidney or even death.

These symptoms appear within 2-14 days after the infection. However, these are symptoms of normal flu as well. People often get confused as to differentiate.

19, Switch To Naturopathy For Immunity Boost

Naturopathy treatment like Neurotherapy, yoga, Ayurveda are some of the treatment methods that help in enhancing immunity. There are much yoga poses present that help body in faster recovery from infection, Neurotherapy by activating glands also help in reviving immunity. Find the best naturo therapy centre near you and get knowledge about how to boost immunity from therapists.

20, New Method To Check Coronavirus Infection Before The Symptoms Appear

The COVID-19  infection symptoms appear late, it takes 2-14 days, thus, it is difficult for people to know if they have been infected by the virus or not. The famous doctor from Thailand has suggested a way to check infection status. The simple technique to check the functioning of respiratory organs.

  • First, take a long breath
  • Hold the breath for 10-15 seconds
  • If you feel uncomfortable, there is a pain in lungs, you start coughing in between, you are unable to do so, it means there is a high possibility of infection
  • If you are able to do it easily, there is nothing to worry about
  • The doctor has recommended people to do this after every half or one hour in a day.

These are some of the preventive measures you can adopt to protect yourself from coronavirus attack. This is the time to keep patience, if you will panic, you will get into the virus trap. So, follow the guidelines shared by WHO and UNICEF and keep yourself protected.

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